It is situated at North Latitude 17o 30' and East Longitude 73o 36'. Chiplun city is on the south bank of Vashishthi river, which flows up to Gowalkot, a village 2.5 km from Chiplun. The city has always been a center of trade.

Location - 296 km from Mumbai and it is 40 km away from west coast.

Chiplun municipality was formed in 1876. Currently it is having a population approximately 60000 .Chiplun taluka is having an area of 103.31 sq km. Chiplun is a big city on the Mumbai-Goa high way and is also the taluka head quarters. There are industrial estates nearby at Kherdi and Lote. This famous city is on the banks of the Vashishti river and has a big market place too.



This is a marvelous place in Chiplun, where you can watch the entire life history of Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharajah through pictures and statues. Near about one Crore rupees were spent in construction and it was completed in 15 years . Coronation of Shivaji Maharajah, fight with Shahistakhan , Shivaji riding on horse , etc are some of the notable statutes to watch here. Great social workers like Sitarambuva Walvalkar worked for bringing up of this marvelous place . From visitors point of view Dervan has cultural importance.

How to Get Here?

S.T buses are available from Chiplun to Savarda and also private vehicles do passenger services to Dervan.

Location: 14 km from Chiplun


Parashuram Temple

It is dedicated to Bhargavram or Parshuram. There is a central shrine surrounded by two smaller buildings. It is a devotional place.

This temple is situated near Mumbai-Goa highway. The temple is having an idol of Parashuram in Middle, God Brahma in right and Lord Shankar on the left. 300 years ago Brahandra Swami reconstructed the temple and that time the idols of Gods were consecrated here. The combination of Hindu, Muslim and European architecture is seen in this temple.

There is a temple of Renuka, mother of Lord Parshuram, behind the Parashuram temple. There is a tank called as Banganga Talav which is believed to be made by Parashuram by arching five arrows to the ground. There is a festival every year on the Mahashivrathri Day.

Near Parashuram temple there is a Hotel of Taj Group 'Gateway River View Lodge'. The tourist can stay here and watch the scenic beauty of Parashuram village, temple and Visava point.

How to Get Here?

S.T buses and private transport vehicles from Khed and Chiplun.

Location:12 km from Chiplun




It is a 1700 years old Siddivinayak's temple situated near Chiplun city.


Swami Matth

Akkalkot Swami Matth is famous math situated at Markandi in Chiplun city. This matth was formed by Gopalbuva, who wrote the book on Akalkot Swami in which he has mentioned the miracles done by Shri Swami Samarth. Here Akkalkot swami's slippers and walking stick are kept as swami's remembrance. Gurupoornima, Sravansohala and Swamijayanthi are the festival's celebrated in this place .

Location: In Chiplun City Markandi Naka.


Vindhyavasini Temple

This is situated in a beautiful area Raotale in Chiplun city. This Temple is dedicated to Goddess Vindhyavasini.In this Temple we can see marvelous statues, idols, and architecture.

How to get here?

By AutoRiksha from Chiplun city.

Location: About 2Km from Chiplun City.



Konkan region's real beauty can be watched only in rainy season. Due to marvelous water fall, Savathsada is famous. This water fall is situated on the way of Chiplun to Parashuram on Mumbai Goa Highway. In rainy season many visitors come here to watch the scenic beauty.

Location: 6 Km from Chiplun City.

How to Get here ?

ST Buses and Private vehicles from Chiplun.



Many people from different religion worship Godess Karanjeshwari. This temple is on the foot hills of Govindgad fort on the banks of Vashishti river. The temple was constructed in 8th century. So many visitors who love historic places visit this temple situated in Chiplun taluka. There is also one more temple known as Shree Someshwar. Recently the reconstruction of this temple was done.

Location : Near Chiplun City.


Gandhareshwar Temple

This temple is near Chiplun city . Situated along the banks of Vashishti river. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is cool place where we will get some peace of mind.


Mary Matha Church

This is the only church in Chiplun city. This is situated in Kalambaste village. Near about 3Km from Chiplun city.



Belived that it is one of the sixty legendary tank dug by Parashuram. There is a temple and banks of the tank are used as a cremating ground.


Rock temples

The Ratnagiri rock temples are not of much important almost all of them are early Buddhist caves probably created between BC 200 and AD 50. The chief caves are at Chiplun, Dabhol, Khed, Kol and Sangameshwar.


Gowalkot Fort

It is situated in Chiplun on a small hill raising from rich fields. It covers an area of about two acres. According to local report the fort was built about 1690 by the Habshi of Janjira. Shivaji Maharaja renewed the fort in 1670 but the position of the Redjaji image seems to show that it was part of the original fort and that the builder or renewer was a Hindu king, probably Shivaji in 1670. From Habshi it was captured by Angira in 1744, from him by Peshwa in 1755 and from Peshwa by British in 1818. Now the fort is almost ruined and within the fort are trees, building and dwellings. and a dry 47 feet long 44 feet broad and 22 feet deep.

** Information on this page is contributed by Mr. Rohit Bodhe