Dapoli is wonderful city situated 700 - 800 foot above sea level having nice climate. This is also called as Mahabaleshwar of Konkan. Due to the cool atmosphere, earlier the British had captured and established this place as their military base. So it is called as Camp Dapoli. Dapoli, Gimhavane, Jogale and Jalgav are some of the important places in this Taluka. In 1980 Alfred Gad , a missionary had started a high school. From this school many famous people have passed out. Bharatratna Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar was also from Dapoli.

Dapoli is the taluka headquarters. There is a Agricultural University (Krishi Vidyapeeth) in Dapoli. It has a healthy climate. It is10 Kms away from Dapoli on the western coast line and is an exquisite holiday place. Birthplace of Maharshi Annasaheb Karve, with coconut and palm plantations, it makes a perfect spot for relaxing, away from the maddening city crowds. The famous Goa Fort is just 3 kms from here.

It is the north most taluka in Ratnagiri district. It is separated from Sahyadri range by the Khed taluka. Dapoli has a sea board of 50 km stretching from Bankot to Dabhol. The coast line differs little in its general charades from that of other parts of Konkan. It is densely covered by coconut farms. The principal rivers are Savitri in north and Vashishthi in the south. There is also a small river called Jog.

Location : 46 Km from Mandangad.

Nearest Railway Station :Khed Approx. 28 Kms.



It is an archeological place also known as Pranaldurg. This is near Kotjai and Dhakti rivers meeting point. This is the best example of cultural & architecture. Buddhist as well as Hindu artistic works can be seen on this. Like Ajantha this place is also having historic as well as Architectural Importance.

Location: 40 Km from Dapoli.



Due to beautiful beaches, Mahalakshmi temple and Ganesh Temple Kelshi Village has become a Tourist Place. This Village is connected to Mumbai, Pune, Ratnagiri, Mahad and Dapoli.The Mahalakshmi Temple is believed to be constructed in 1808. This Temple is an example of Architecture in Peshwas regim. Beleshwar, Radhakrishna temple, Utambarkarni Devi temple, Ganapati temple, Bhai Miya Bhet are some of the other important places which are worth watching. This village is on the border of Raigad and Ratnagiri district.

Location : 240 Km from Mumbai.
58 Km from Dapoli, Via Anjarle 26 km.



This is the birth place of Maharshi Keshav Karve . It is famous due to its beaches, coconut plantations etc.

Location: 11 Km from Dapoli.



This is 8 Kms from Dapoli-Harne road. Due to temples at Vyaghreshwar and Keshavraj, Assod has importance. Shri JolaiDevi Temple and Dabke wadi are also Worth watching. The Keshavraj temple is at the top of a mountain. In front of main gate there is a fountain from cows head carved in Rocks. Rest house is also there for the tourist visiting Vyaghreshwar .

Location: 8 Km from Dapoli - Harne road.



This is an old fort. it is divided into Bhuikot and Suvarnadurg. This fort is surrounded by sea from all sides. It was constructed by Athilsha in 16th Century and Shivaji conquered it in 1660 and later its importance increased. >From this fort we can watch Goa fort and Fathegad .

Location: 15 Km from Dapoli.



Kanakdurg and Harney are inter-related. Here we can see the ruins of old house, light house,etc. Harney port is the main fish market where lakhs of rupees business is carried out every hour.

Location: 15 Km from Dapoli.


Kadayawarcha Ganapathi

This temple of Ganesh is situated on a cliff so it is called as Kadayawarcha Ganapati. This temple was probably built in the regim of Peshwas. This temple is situated near forest & seashore. So it attracts the tourist.

Location:10 Km from Dapoli.



Due to Idol of Siddi Vinayak which is made up of marble, Ambvali a village in Dapoli taluka is famous.

Location: 7 Km from Harne.This is on the way to



It is the village of Lokmany Tilak, the national hero of India. Dabhol famous Swayambhu Chandika Devi temple is on Dapoli-Dabhol road. This is believed to be from the pandav era. There are many small idols and a Tulsi garden and a stream always flows through it. This temple is inside a mountain.

Location:28 Km from Dapoli.



This Masjid was built in Adilshas Regim. This is an excellent example of Muslim architecture. Near about 15 lakhs of rupees were spent by Begum of Adilshah to construct this.

Location: 30 Km from Dapoli.



There are many Religious places of Muslims. World famous Enron Power Project is Situated in Dabhol.


Yakoob Baba Darga

This is an example of Hindu-Muslim unity in India. It is near Kelshi. Yakoob baba was one of the Shivaji Maharaja's Guru. Shivaji constructed this Darga in remembrance of Yakoob baba. In 1689 Yakoob baba expired and it is kept as his memorial.

Location: 27 Km from Dapoli.
270 Km from Mumbai



It is the Birth place of the famous Marathi Poet Keshav Suth. This village is on the river bank and having scenic beauty.

Location:4 Km from Dapoli.



Here we can watch the hot spring.

Location: 22 Km from Dapoli.


Ladghar Burondi

Tamas tirtha is considered as sacred place. From here some part of the sea is seemed to be red in color. Datta Mandir in this place is very beautiful as it is situated on the top of the hill.

Location: 8 Km from Dapoli.


** Information on this page is contributed by Mr. Rohit Bodhe