Mandangad Fort

This old fort was neglected due to unavailability of transport facilities to Mandangad. After the Ratnagiri district new development Mandangad taluka has got importance. Mandangad fort is at one end of the Ratnagiri district. Recently the historic importance of Mandangad fort has been increased. A Ganpati temple and a tank is present inside the fort. This tank is called as Thorla Talav.

Location and Transport :- From Dapoli S.T Bus is available for Mandangad.



Velas is the birth place of Nana Phadnis, one of the great prominent personalities in Maratha history. Due to the sea-shore Velas is an exiting place and it is situated near Bankot Bay. There is an old temple of Shri Bhairi- Rameshwar and in this temple all twelve months water is made available taking the benefit of favorable geographical conditions. A statue of Nana Phadnis is present outside his house. In Velas Mahalakshmi temple and Nana Phadnis house are the places to visit. Gokulashtami Festival is one of the important festival in Velas.

Location :- 36km from Mandangad


Himmatgad Fort

This fort is also called as Bankot fort, Victoria fort or Himmatgad. This fort is having square shape. Bankot lies at the foot of the Rocky head land in the extreme north of the district.

Location:- Near Mandangad.


** Information on this page is contributed by Mr. Rohit Bodhe