Mysterious Konkan !!

What is it in Konkan that mystifies outside people?

Well, my friend from Kashmir went to Dapoli for two nights and he summarized it well for me. He told me, " travel was eventful with local roads and country feel, scenery was exceptional, air was non-polluted, looks like people live life rather than running for life, you feel safe, you feel like you on an exploration as you go on finding something new at every step, no matter how many days you have spent there, you always want little more of it, and in the end you feel like you are attached to the place and you will always want to go back. …"

Well, how true and how nicely summarized. I hope every outsider has the same experience and longing to go back and explore a little more each time .. forts, beaches, jungle, mountains, small villages, farms, history, culture, and whole lot ....

sometime when I get time, I will write about all this. But however much I write I cannot do justice to the region. You have to visit it to experience it. Plan your next trip, I am sure you won't regret.