Pratapgad Restoration Project

आपण प्रतापगड बनवू तसा । शिवकाळात, वैभवात होता जसा ।। जय भवानी । जय शिवराय ।।  

Pratapgad Restoration    Pratapgad Excavation


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In the history of the world it is one of the most unique happenings that Chatrapati Shivaraya founded liberty having shown the power of the Maratha sword against the tyrannical mughal knights. Without the help of the loyal companions of Shivaraya who were more than ready to sacrifice their lives to secure liberty, and these inaccessible forts in the region of Sanhyadri, it could not have been possible to succeed in achieving liberty.

By the time the Shivadurgas (Forts) are in a condition being tattered to collapse, they are still standing somehow telling sagas of Maratha heros.

Culture of Maharashtra, heritage, a deep love for their motherland, their God-Goddesses, and the defender Shivaraya an incarnate vergin land the associating forts were the only places of pilgrimages to them. Numerous known unknown Maratha followers of Shivaraya had spilled their blood while defending these forts and to achieve an independence. Not only for the Maratha people but these are extremely sanctified places to all the other public in India.

Out of hundreds of forts of Shivaraya some forts i.e. Raigad, Pratapgad, Shindhudurga, Torana, Rajgad have got a significance as it is with the sanctified pilgrimage centres of hindus as ( twelve ) Bara Jyotirlingas. Among these places, Pratapgad is on the crest. As the forts are being the inspiring centers of our vehement history, now it is our duty to preserve them and hand over this precious inheritance to keep our posterity intact.


It is invaluable opportunity, we have got for fulfilling our duty through performing the restoration work of Pratapgad. Now almost everybody has an idea of the progress of reconstruction and restoration of the Pratapgad. Before commencement of the restoration, the required legal formalities and no objection certificates, have been received by the concerned authorities of the Government, as well the permission of registration of ` My Bhawani social group trust’ from the Commissioner of charitable societies. Thus the work of the restoration is now in progress with an assistance of the villagers of Pratapagad.

Shri Tulajabhavani on Pratapgad

Shri Tulajabhavani on Pratapgad


Considering the work is beyond the capacity and highly expensive and the difficulties arising every moment to face, while working to get the fort to its original form, indeed the villagers of Pratapgad are on the firm decision of restoration of the fort. And they have a confidence of completing it through an unvalued assistance of the public and the financial collection collected by individual contributions.

One will certainly feel a pride having got such an opportunity of participation or to perform any type of assistance for the promotion of restoration of Pratapgad.

Here we have a humble appeal to assist the restoration financially with free hands. Click here to donate