Ratnagiri City



It is situated at north Latitude 17o and east Longitude 73o 19'. It is lying center of the district and is bounded on north by Chiplun, on the east by Sangameshwar, on the south by Rajapur and on the west by the sea. The chief rivers in Ratnagiri are the Shastri, Bor, Muchkundi, Ratnagiri river.

Ratnagiri is the district headquarters. It is the birth place of Lokmanya Tilak. Also in the city are Ratnadurg fort, Gitabhavan, Bhagwati port, an aquarium, a college of pisciculture, Thiba palace, an aerodrome , a radio station, and a television transmission center. Nearby at Mirjole there is an industrial estate.


Gate Way of Ratnagiri (Mandvi) :

The Ratnagiri port, famously known as Mandvi was built to welcome the queen of England. It is about 2 kms. away from the city. It is the most scenic beach of Ratnagiri. Flanked on the west by the Ratnadurg fort, sea to its South and having an extensive shoreline stretching right up to the Rajiwada port , this place is also known as 'Black Sea' so named due to the lustrous black sand all along its shore.

Fishery Research Center :
Walk ahead along the shore of Mandvi and you find yourself at this center. The lovely aquarium here is worth a look definitely .


Ganpatipule :

Approx. 58 Km away from Ratnagiri on the foothills of a small mountain near the coast, stands in serenity, a Lord Ganesh Temple. The hill resembling the form of lord Ganesh, with this temple, is the favorite worship place for devotees of this deity and folks from far and near come to this part of Maharashtra and worship the son of Goddess Parvathi. Having a wide stretch of white sand and clear water, the Ganpathipule beach also works out as an excellent holiday resort.

Mumbai-Ganpathipule :375 Kms.



The birth place of the great Marathi poet Keshav Suth is a mere 2 kms away from here.

Nearest Railway Station :Ukshi

By Road : Ratnagiri 62 Kms.

The MTDC provides Non-Ac and Ac deluxe rooms, family suites, dormitories, tents etc. for accommodation.



2 Kms away from Ratnagiri city on the way to Pawas is the beach near the Bhatiye creek. Commonly known as Suruban due to these particular trees here planted extensively by the tourist department, this beach has its share of regular picnickers who come here to relax on a hot day or then to enjoy the tranquit surroundings on a warm evening.



The jetty on the Bhatiye creek is the Rajiwada port. One has to cross this to go to Pawas, either by boat or over the Bhatiye bridge. Places of attraction here are the vast coconut plantations spread around far-and -wide, then off course Suruban, the popular picnic spot by the sea side. At Bhatiye is the goddess Sati Samai’s temple. This temple is said to be the temple of a Jagrut-Devi who fulfills boons asked of her ! Also you find here, the shrine of Mamaji Bhatkar the brave sea-warrior of Chatrapathi Shivaji's military forces


Thiba Palace

A must for tourist visiting Ratnagiri !1 Km away from the city stands the Thiba Palace now a full –fledged technical Institute. Built in 1910, the then luxurious palace was specially constructed by the British Government to house-arrest King Thiba of Burma. Located at a strategic point high above the sea, one can enjoy a spectacular sunset from here.

Thiba Point

A sure way of enjoying a quiet evening in solitude or then, a very romantic sunset with one’s soul mate. Stand here at the Point and rook around you find yourself mesmerized with the beauty of nature ! Vast ,clear skies with lazy clouds aimlessly floating around, the never-ending sea, the lovely Bhatiye across the spanning waters, ships and boats picturesquely bobbing on the clam-blue water below……..aha….


Tilak Memorial

If one remembers India’s struggle for freedom, one slogan stands our clear “Swaraj is my birthright and I shall have it”. Famous words by Lokmanya Balgagangadhar Tilak born to a school-teacher father in Ratnagiri on July 23rd 1856. As one moves down town from Shivaji nagar towards the central part of the city, one comes across the century old town library near which stands a grand statue of this great leader. A little distance away is his home which now is a national monument, that tourists with a patriotic hearts would not like to miss!


Ratnadurg fort:

This fort is on a hill near the coast line surrounded on three sides by the sea. On the way to the fort you come across the huge Bhageshwar Temple and the Maruthi Temple. The lighthouse is to the west of the Ratnadurg Fort.


Bhagawati Bandar:

Also known as the White Sea this 1½ miles long beach is sure to fascinate you. Also seen is the ancient Bhairi Temple.



Jaygad fort is situated near the Shastri River. It is having an area of 5 acre and it was constructed by people of Vijapur. In this fort Jayba's memorial is there. We will be able to watch two tanks, ruins of old well and ruins of the palace. There is rest house for the tourists.

Location : 60 Km from Ratnagiri.



It is famous for Laxmi Keshav temple. The beautiful village of Kolisare is on the way to Ganpathipule. Staying facilities are made by the temple authorities. In the month of Kartik a big festival is celebrated here. This temple was built in 1510. Due to presence of Shastri river and Jaygad bay the importance of this place is increased.

Location : 46 Km from Ratnagiri.


Patitpavan Temple

This temple is on the center of Ratnagiri city. This temple was built by Shankar in 1921. This is the first temple in the country which is open for Harijans. So it has Historic importance. This temple is having idol of Laxmi Narayan.

Location : In Ratnagiri City.



This is situated near Bhagwati fort. Here we can see different variety of fishes, crabs, sea snakes, sea flowers, starfishes which are rare to see. Also the items made by the sea shells.

Location : Near Ratnagiri City.


Bhageshwar Temple

It is located near Bhagawati Fort. There are many idol on the surroundings of the temple. On the way to fort one can visit the temple.

Location : 15 minutes walking distance from Ratnagiri City.


Jyotiba Temple

This temple is near Bhagawati fort.

Location : 15 minutes from Ratnagiri City.


Lal Ganpati

It is in Teli Lane in Ratnagiri. Every year on Nagpanchami the idol of Lal Ganapati is made. From Ganesh Chaturthi day to the Visarjan day this place is heavily crowded due to the festival.


Shri Devi Bhairi

Devi Bhairi is the goddess of Ratnagiri city. According to Ratnagiri people they should start their new work after visiting Shri Devi Bhairi's darshan.

Location : In Ratnagiri in Teli Ali there is a beautiful artistic temple.


Athara hatacha Ganapati

It is near Pathak High School, Ratnagiri. This temple was built in 1967. This idol was prepared in Jaipur. This Ganpati is having 18 hands like Mahalakshmi. So it is called as Athara hatacha Ganpati.

Location : Near Pathak High School.



Shri Pir Baba Darga is a religious place for Muslims as well as Hindus. It is a good example of unity in diversity.

Location : 17 Km from Ratnagiri


Chinchkhari's Famous Datta Mandir

It is situated in beautiful place. The idol of God Datta is also very pleasant and attractive.



To visit this fort one has to go to Ratnagiri then to Pawas & further to the fort. It is situated on the banks of river Muchkundi. The fort's area is about 22 acres & we can still see cannons & cannon balls. It is very well but rare fort & to visit the Kanakaditya Temple in Rajapur district one has to go through Poornagad.

Location :24 kms. from Ratnagiri



It is situated near the sea-shore of Jaygad. Karhateshwar temple is a attractive place for tourist. The temple surrounded by greenery all over & is a very quiet place. So people prefer to be there. One can stay at Jaygad & take the pleasure of visiting this place.

Location : 40 kms from Ratnagiri.



Swami Swarupanand’s Shrine:
10 miles away from Bhatiye at Pawas is the shrine of swami Swarupanand To create awareness among the people for Saint Dnyaneshwar & Warkari group , Swami Swarupanand built a temple at Pawas which has become a tourist place. It is a very religious place. There is a meditation temple . This temple has become prestigious for Maharashtra.

Location :16 kms from Ratnagiri.


Suruche ban

Near Bhatiye village Suru plantation is done. So this place is called Suruche Ban. It is a wonderful place for outing. On the foot hills of the near by mountain. There is a small temple of Lord Vinayaka.



** Information on this page is contributed by Mr. Rohit Bodhe