Like Khed, this place is also separated from the coast. It is surrounded by Ratnagiri taluka on its north, Chiplun on its east Satara and Kolhapur on south, Rajapur and on its west.


Karneshwar Temple

This temple was built 1600 years ago by Karna of Kolhapur. This is one of the important place in Sangameshwar taluka. The statues and carvings of many hindu Gods can be seen on the walls of Karneshwar temple.

Location: 4 km from Sangameshwar.


Mythological statues

Buddhist are present in Konkan from a Long Period. In Ratnagiri district at Kadsamla ,Nonvali, Vihroli, Soprachal and Tanla we can watch Buddhist monks staying places, statues of Lord Buddha etc.



Every year at Sankranti people from Konkan get together at Marleshwar near Devrukh city for the festival. Marleshwar means the God of Marle village. This temple is situated inside a cave and near to that there is a waterfall called Dareshwar. The temple is 11 km from Angavali village which is in Sangameshwar taluka

Location: 38 Km from Sangameshwar & 21 Km from Devrukh.



It is also called as Uchitgad, one of Sahyadri forts, on rising grounds at Shringarpur in Sangameshwar between mala and south Tivra passes. Due to the guns and swords present in this fort this is treated as historic one. From Prachitgad visitors can have the complete view of Ratnagiri District.

Location: 21 Km from Mumbai-Goa highway near Sangameshwar.

Transport - Up to Shringarpur visitors can go by bus and later by walking for 3 hrs they can reach the fort.


Devle - Kedeshwar temple

This temple is on the way of Ratnagiri -Kolhapur Road.

Location: 40 Km from Ratnagiri.



This temple is also called as Amneshwar. This is the Shiv temple which is having old idols which are marvelous.

Location: 8Km from Aravali.


Matru Mandir

Shrimati Malathibai Halbe had started the Matru Mandir which is working in a co-operative basis. Under the Matru Mandir society many hospitals, farms, hostels, orphanages are working in an efficient manner. It is doing the social service from the last 40 years.

Location: In Devrukh city.


Jakmatha Mandir

It is a religious place for many people and it is near paissa fund High school which is 2km from Sangameshwar. Shimpane is the festival in this place which is celebrated on a large scale.

Location: It is situated near Sangameshwar.


Dondavane Tivare Waterfall

For its cool air Dondavane Tivare waterfall is famous. This is situated in Paj forest and it is flowing from a height of 200 feet. It is the origin of Shastri river and in the summer season also the waterfalls is present.

Location: 15km from Sangameshwar on Nayri-Tivre road.



In the Sayadri ranges on a mountain Tikeleshwar temple is situated. This place is 15 km from Talvade village in Sangameshwar taluka. Here we can also see monuments of two saints. A Scenic of Sahyadri and Marleshwar mountain ranges can be seen from this place. It is an exciting place for the mountaineers.

Location: 15km from Sangameshwar Talvade village.

It takes 6-7 hours to reach this place from Talvade village.


Gotane Udgire

This village is in Kudhi ghat. This forest is on the top of Sahyadri mountain ranges and it is best suited for trekking.

Location: 22km from Devrukh.


Amba Ghat

It is the last point of Ratnagiri district. after this Kolhapur district limit starts.

Location: 8km from Sakharpa

25 Km from Devrukh.


Chatrapathi Sambhaji Smarak

This is in a village called Kasba. Sambhaji Maharaja was arrested by Mughals at this place. So for his remembrance a statue is kept there.

Location: 4km from Sangameshwar.



** Information on this page is contributed by Mr. Rohit Bodhe